PART I: Got the PET scan results today and they are titling me as non-metastasis (meaning the lung spots did not light up-good thing), so focusing on the rectum mass for treatment~though as I am learning this hurry up and wait game, they want to biopsy the thyroid nod just to make sure before the chemo starts. More time to bulk up and IVs to boost the system before I start my climb. Like sitting at base camp, resting and eating to prep;)

A PET scan is an interesting process where they triple ask if you are preggers (making sure you are not), hearing this question millions of times over the past month I shared with the young female nurse that I haven’t had a penis inside of me for almost a year so it would be baby Jesus #2. They then sit you in a room with a single chair, that’s it. Feels like an interrogation waiting to happen. A nurse wheels in a cart full of radioactive sugar where she connects your IV line to, and then she backs away, through the door, behind the YELLOW line. Once she is safely far enough away she actives the machine to pump the contrast into your veins. You are to remain still during this process and well after, she pulls the machine out and dims the lights where you sit for an hour. No phone, no brain activity so that the sugar goes to the active cancer cells and doesn’t burn off before your scan. You are then escorted to the room where you lie on a bed and squished into a small tube for half hour of body scanning. Really not that bad, just a little adventure.


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