Arrived at Camp II

April 14th

Acclimatizing to the altitude and feeling better than I have in a while. In addition to the alternative treatments, the love gatherings at base camp last weekend helped a lot! A big thanks all of you who supported the event and me~


Visited the medical tent recently, the hot surgeon feels confident to just monitor the thyroid over the course of the climb by ultrasound and deal with it after the summit. From my experience, during this climb—dating, sex or any of the sort is furthest from my mind… survival and healing is #1…though still alive inside, and when meeting a man who is fit, cute and one of the best-helping to save lives…it’s hard to concentrate on what he is saying…mind wonder.

Having not washed my hair for a week, due to the sensitivity in the palms of my hands from the altitude side effects, my nest of a ponytail got stuck to the tacks on his wallboard I was leaning against~ slightly embarrassing since he was so cute. Lucky to have my hair stylist along for the climb, she washed it up for me. Much better!

Rest for a week and then prep to head up to camp three! One step at a time~

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