Camp V Complete! ~ Rest Week….

June 18th

Its been an adventure up to Camp V. Put on weight; I’m actually 5 Ibs away from my normal, found out today the thyroid – ultrasound is stable (no growth), still at 1 out of 10 for pain and blood lab is close to normal (good news all around). Feeling more fatigue from the altitude, but that is to be expected with the anemia and cape combo. July 4th is the appt with surgeon…guide man to come up with a plan. I prefer to solo climb, get to the summit and not need the surg support.

All I can do is do what I’m doing and enjoy the journey one-step-at-a-time. Thank you for the continued love and support my fellow climbers and Sherpas. Get out and enjoy that green therapy!! Hugs xxoo


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