Climb to Camp VII (7) Ama DaBum

July 17


It was a good rest week lower down in Kathmandu~water and green therapy at a lower elevation helps to heal the body. Meeting with my guides, there is no set date for the summit bid, but with the weather window it looks like; two more camps (with rest weeks in between), continued training and treatments, then a set of photos, a month off of the meds before heading to the summit September/October time frame.


As we make our way to camp VII, they have increased my altitude meds by 150mg. Don’t feel much different other than fatigue, usual and to be expected when the body is trying to survive at high altitudes. My alternative treatments help to keep my immune system rolling normal.
For now, I enjoy every day~one moment at a time, don’t sweat the small stuff and I am so grateful for the adventures with my family and friends over the past week, with more to come. The biggest thing I have observed is the beauty in nature, humans, and awesome opportunities we have at our fingertips. No matter the state of politics or our doom the media throws at us…life fuckin rocks!! What you see is what you get. Hugsxxoo

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