Hello Social Media!

August 12th

A little update as some are asking and easier for me to post here;) ~ not much new other than…released a movie on CBC!…Health-wise; I am in week two leaving camp 8 getting ready for a rest week before heading up to camp 9. I know, how big is this fuckin mtn right?! Ill know more after my follow-up in two weeks when I chat with my oncolo doc. In the meantime, YES altitude takes its toll on the body with running at 70% energy, chemo brain fog, and lots of sleeping, however, the vit C IVs and hyperthermia are keeping the body cells and immunity up to par, which is giving me the opportunity to have quality time~ absolutely loving the fam and friend visits, dating dabble (thanks to the mistletoe in my IV bags maybe), and exercise with my BZouk dance lessons!! Keeps me moving forward and feeling normal. So much #gratitude for all of you and your loving support!! **FYI I’m learning the Instagram thing finally after all of these years, so bear’ (growl) with me awesome followers, as I hope to entertain and inspire through a new (to me)media channel~ TjacPerspective @Instagram and @Youtube and @Cancer Warriors @facebook xxoo

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