Made it to Camp I

MARCH 25th: We’ve made it to Camp I! Round one of climbing with vitamin tx was completed last night. So-far-so-good. The altitude and vit tx has created some sensitivity on my palms and feet~thankful for all of that moisturizer I use, keep me ahead of the game. Hopefully I will avoid the cracking and blisters.

Camp I
So far so good

A follow-up visit with my GI surgeon a couple of weeks ago, he was feeling around my stomach area, explaining to his resident what to look for~he interrupted the medical talk as he felt around my abdomen…Doc: ‘wait a minute’…Me: Oh oh, what did he find?…
Doc: ’what I really want to know is why your skin is so soft and smooth?’…I answered; ‘coconut oil’. Confirmation that my regime for keeping my skin from getting too sensitive with the vit tx side effects is working. Magic of coconut oil for body and cooking!!

Cooking: Many of you from the wonderful Sherpa team are asking about cooking meals for me at camp. This excites me very much as eating enough to keep the weight on is super important as I am 15 Ibs underweight, though holding steady. This food prep and cooking for myself is posing a difficult task for me, so I do welcome some delicious, healthy flavors coming my way. I do have a deep freezer to store as well. **Please PM me first with your email and I will send you my diet list. There are some foods I cannot eat (like nutritional yeast and green tea & extracts) which make the chemo more toxic. Also, some foods I am not digesting properly as my body energy is minimal on this climb and I need to conserve.

**A small Campkeeping note: Colds and flus are going around. I forget to ask sometimes, I do love visitors and people helping out with food etc, though now on the vit tx, I have to be extra super careful I don’t catch anything. So if you have some sniffles or sore throat etc, let us postpone our visit till another time. I plan to stick around so we will have ample moments to hang out. ~THANK YOU EVERYONE for your support on getting to Camp I! We will rest now, eat and head up to Camp II in a week. xxoo Tracy

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