On Route to Camp IV

May 13th ~ My how time flies when you’re having fun!

So far so good. The high altitude has played only minimal side effects. If there is a need for a crying scene, I’m your girl, just place a fan in front of my face and I can shed tears on every take. Not sad just constant watery nose and eyes with this cape dose.

Blood levels are good…somewhat norm besides the continuous anemia. Building an iron reserve is a challenge all on its own, but with a little help from Dr. Matt (Naturopathic doc) we are feeding the reds in hopes of multiplying.

I am learning how to be’ and not feel the need to do’. It’s easy to live in the moment without stress when your life depends on it. Walking the trail today, a man had his face buried in his phone as he walked by the flowing river and snowy mtn tops. Why would you want to miss even a second of it?


The daily walks and hikes in mtn paradise … oh so beautiful and invigorating. Green therapy is where it’s at ~ songs from birds calling for a mate, the unfolding flowers and leaves, bugs and bees, the fresh berryless droppings from the snuggle muffin bears ~ I hope you all are getting a piece of it too!

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