The German waterbed that’s saving my life.

July 26th

Pretty amazing, the first week in April when I started the hyperthermia treatments (Hyper/warm not Hypo/cold;) at the Pyatt Health Clinic in YYC, everything changed in my body. Bleeding of tumor stopped, pain went away, bowel movements got better, and sleep, oh the full nights sleep happened. Life changing!


How it works: I take my chemo pills 14 days on and 7 days off~ finishing up cycle 7 this week! With my ‘on’ chemo weeks, I do the Hyperthermia treatments. Take my pills an hour before, Tara sets up my pillow regime for comfort, then a round disc is placed over the tumor area. Phones turned off and metal objects removed from the body as radio type waves move into that area attracting energy in the body to create a fever like temp, which kills off the tumor cells and leaves the healthy cells alone. It also helps the chemo work better, targeting that area. While I lie there for the hour treatment, relaxed, I received my weekly dose of vitamin c and mistletoe kisses through IV.

I can’t imagine not doing this treatment, as the proof is in the scan pudding and the tumor is shrinking. In addition to my IV’s which I get 2x per week, even on break weeks to help keep my immune system strong. I skipped last weeks IVs and noticed a huge difference in my energy and more chemo symptoms. Won’t do that again!

The challenge with these treatments is the fact they are not standard cancer care and expensive. So that means a lot of people are not able to receive the alternative care they need to support the healing process. The key to surviving cancer is to keep the toxic levels down and immunity up.

Each IV dose is approx $200 plus, approx $400/week and hyper with IV runs about $495 per treatment, equalling $1000/week. Worth the investment in my life no doubt. One needs to be optimistic and clever with the budgeting and funds. My wish is that one day it becomes standard care or to have a subsidized program for cancer fighters.

VitC, Bs and Christmas juice (mistletoe)

So thank you to my supporters who have been helping me along the way~I’ve still got a couple months of treatments, chemo, and training the body for surgery aimed for end of Sept/October time. Then they are planning 3 more rounds of chemo after surgery to make sure all is out. I will continue my IVs then too, helping to support the body. Taking it one step at a time, though so excited to get back to work when healed…the first documentary is finished and airing this weekend! Against my docs orders not to work, I was determined to finish it and share it with the world. Now I rest and I will dabble in some light and fun writing to feed the creative soul~ hugs xox

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