Thyroid Surgeon Appointment

June 25th

Thankful for my drop off rides to the Foothills for appts as the parking there is insane. I feel for others who have to park…especially for the man sitting in front of me in the waiting room, complaining to his wife about it for half an hour. Hope he was there to get a prescription for positive juice or at least some ambein.

After an hour and a half of putting a good dent into my book, I got called in to see the doc. Yes, this is the sexy one I saw a few months ago, in the same office where his tack board attacked my hair.

Seated into the room, with clean straight hair this time, I waited another 15 minutes before the doc arrived. Yep still a handsome fella…’all looks good from your scan’…trying to listen as I got sucked into his beautiful blues… ‘and no concerns, continue with the process of dealing with the colon first and another ultrasound in a few months just to monitor’.

So seen as I waited for almost two hours to hear the news, that would be much easier over the phone, I used up a little of his time to flirt and get some personal intel;). I mentioned a friend of mine who he has worked with a lot, and how I was reassured by my friend…’so I heard I’ve got my hand on a good one’…somehow messing up… and what I should have said …So, I’m in good hands. Oopsie.

~end of the day…all good news.


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