Update from Camp 9

Sept 13th

Met with my guides yesterday, reviewing the photos taken last week of the climbing route ahead, not much has changed. I was hoping for a little more snowmelt and shrinkage, but I will take ‘stability’ over more hazards. The plan is to start up for another camp, yes camp 10. I will meet with my expedition leader on Monday to determine if we can go for the summit bid in a month or have to do more acclimatization and put up more fixed lines.

Yes, I observed my body with the news and was slightly disappointed. I thought my dance lesson (yes @camp;) after my meeting would move that through. I was not on my game and I felt blockage in my heart…My instructor & dear friend Unico Kizoukiero was so wonderful and after an hour BZouk, we jumped into Kizumba. A perfect dance style for going deep within. I was messing up my feet so he told me to close my eyes and ‘surrender’. Exactly what I needed. It worked like a charm!

It was my resistance to what is’ that was blocking me. We only suffer when we expect life to be a certain way and don’t accept it for what it is. Life is always right because it’s what’s happening.

*The three big lessons I am practicing on this journey;

  • Acceptance – Patience – Surrender (you can control only what you have control over).

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