Resistance and Having Control as a Patient ~

This has been the biggest challenge for me throughout my cancer journey. When you take your health into your own hands, it’s hard to work with the resistance of others, professional or civilians who don’t understand your choices.

I can’t tell you how many times I have read off my list of vitamin supplements, diet change, acupuncture, and naturopath treatments to a western nurse or doc and had a ‘deer in the headlights response’ followed by resistance. Like I am cheating on them. The first week of hyperthermia and vit C treatments (only 2xs) took away my pain, no more bleeding and tumor shrunk. Of course, the chemo helped with that, however, I don’t discount the immunity support my body needed to deal with everything.

Yes, I do understand the position western doctors are in when a flood of patients are coming to them after seeing alternative healers. Some of the healers out there are just pill pushers and not the real thing, but there are a hand-full of legit practitioners who are dedicated to supporting a patient through the healing and are open to the western in parallel with alternative treatments. Western medicine is learned a certain way and eastern or alternative ways (some thousands of years old), are practiced as well, having much success on their own or together.


THE MOST IMPORTANT, when told the words ‘you have cancer’ or any illness you are faced with, mental or physical, is to FIRST AND FOR-MOST listen to your body, your heart. Our bodies are truly amazing and can heal a lot on their own if given the support it needs. I remember back in the day when I was a child and would get a bad cold or flu, the script pad would come out and my body flooding with antibiotics. Today, doctors are better at natural remedies; hot drinks, rest and it will soon pass. On a more serious note, it’s easy to fall at your knees when going through a challenge, the unknown and uncertainty can be scary. You may feel a dark cloud has consumed your every breath, and your path of life has shortened or no longer the way you thought it would go. Impermanence is knocking at your door… BUT I am here to tell you that doesn’t need to be the case. YOU have the choice to make your own diagnosis. Any doctor telling you that you only have a certain time to live is wrong, a curse. Seriously, they are only going off of stats and those stats can be different for your outcome. Some docs are better with the delivery of your situation than others, but that should be left up to you. Just deal with the task and hand and see.  So many people I have met in the past year going through natural treatments after their doctors gave up on them and sent them home to die, but here they are, years later, doing better. Meaning; if you choose to give up and that you are done with your life, that is your choice and so be it. However, you also have a choice to continue to experience this amazing thing called life and to make it as comfortable as possible for yourself, even healing yourself.

For OUR BODIES to HEAL we need to support it EVERYDAY. Sure, I would love to have the freedom to eat a big bag of potato chips or a big bowl of pasta. To eat freshly baked breads, meat, cheeses, alcohol, not worry about organic etc, I hate restrictions, but my body will suffer in the processing of these things, and my body wants to heal, so I must support it the best I can to live a long healthy life. I was healthy in my life, and tried to eat well, but wasn’t always listening to my body and work-stresses combined with diet (eating on the go)  didn’t help with the cells, which grew into a tumor. It took hearing the colorectal cancer spread to my lungs to truly, radically change my diet. INTEGRITY is key with wanting to live healthy and long. This goes without saying, you are the only one who can make this decision and do it.


As for western support, I ask questions and challenge the system to get answers on how I can integrate the natural and western and get the best chances of healing and surviving. It’s not easy being your own advocate, giving in to radiation and chemo was the hardest, was it the best?…time will tell, but I knew I could balance out the toxins with alternative immunity support treatments.

So, at the end of the day, you are ultimately the decision maker. You have control over healing your body, or not and keeping it healthy. You may need a little support from outside treatments, so make sure you support your body with the good stuff too. WISHING YOU ALL LOVE AND HEALTH xxoo

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