Surgery a Success!

Day 4 out of the hospital, I’m feeling stronger everyday and the 20Ibs lost are slowly coming back on. My sleeps… oh how wonderful and deep! Not to mention entering crazy dream land again! In lieu of the Oscars tonight, I had a dream last night I was heading to a pre-Oscar brunch with my dear friend Dianne Keaton. A hot sunny day as we walked the busy street in LA to a beautiful patio restaurant full of celebs who were nominated. I realized I was in bare feet, a hospital gown (with the back exposing my bare butt) as I carried my large catheter bag like a Prada purse and surprisingly, I didn’t care. Though needed a place to hang it and found a baby carriage next to my table with a hook to hang it (baby was sleeping and didn’t mind). We sat down to eat and all was well. As I stood up to leave, I realized my stoma (poop bag) was full (a real thing after eating). So truth; if you’ve ever had or know of someone who has a ileostomy bag, they get heavy and pull down. We are given a ‘Jock’ strap to hold it in place, though still oddly heavy and wearing a hospital gown, naked underneath, the support is minimal. So I managed to stand up hold my stoma bag like a ball sack, grabbed my Prada pee bag and made my way to the toilet. Again not really caring. ⭐️Point of the dream story; when you’ve been through bum cancer, who gives a shit! Just be who you want to be and put it all out there for all to see. Also, I know what the fellas must feel like without good brief support 😜

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