Traded my Prada in for a Knockoff

Note #1 to Self *Do not step on my catheter tube when standing up, 2 times. Ouch is right! I didn’t manage to pull it out but created some pain and leaks which prompted a visit to the ER. Eight hours later I was refitted with a new one. The nurse didn’t manage to tighten the hoses properly so at about 3am back at home, I woke in a puddle of pee. When was the last time you peed the bed?:)

Why the Prada bag?: Bladders in women tend to buddy up with the uterus and lean on it. When the uterus is extracted the bladder gets sad and may decide to take a vacation. Hence, sent home with a temp catheter.

LIFE OF BAGS: living with a temp stoma and pee bag is interesting to say the least. HAPPY the cancer was cut out and my body is healing quickly, though the bag situation is humbling.

Note #2 to Self *Don’t put a heating pad on belly over the stoma bag (with wax adhesive). Melt and leak city. Pooping on the belly and a big clean. I must say it’s super interesting to have your bum on your belly. You get to know which foods your small intestine likes and dislikes very quickly. Also strange to have a bum vacation. The small intestine dumps directly into the stoma bag bypasssing the colon. So my bum is just there, hanging out, quiet.

I want to create a clothing line for people dealing with; bags, tubes, IVs, ports, casts, etc. I have used my creativity to make warm clothing work but had to cut and alter a few things to make outfits. Researching online, there really isn’t anything out there. When one is sick or healing, you want to be cozy, warm and look good. Clinics, hospitals etc are cold and especially loosing so much weight, it’s hard to keep warm. Anyway, an idea on the burners.

THANK YOU ALL for your support! It helps me so! I’m getting a little stronger every day hanging at my mama’s and 2x Vit C IVs per week are helping a lot. I’m still a skinny mini but eating as much as my little belly can take. With spring coming, it is motivating to build up my strength for some hikes and rock climbing this summer. Miss the mtns so. xxoo

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