Farewell 2018 ~

GRATITUDE!! I have been reflecting a lot on life over the past few weeks during my screen time disconnect. AMAZING how the internet; social media and screen time in general distracts and fills the mind with stuff. The couple of times I went back on I felt anxiety. More clarity and reconnection happens when I spend time doing NOTHING, just BEing. Sometimes its peaceful and others, it is though the emotions and stuff I have on a shelf, tucked away in that little dark corner, has time to surface and release. WOW! It is a powerful time right now~full moon, winter solstice, the Christmas planning. The energy is a little crazy righ now. Let go and enjoy the ride!

I want to say how much I am so grateful for all of you! YES YOU! This year has been one for the record books, and it wouldn’t have felt as smooth without you all! The stress that can muster up either it be fear of the unknown, financial, or what if’s are a clusterfuck of emotions I didn’t really have to deal with thanks to you all. REALLY and TRULY, you all mean so much to me and I hold you all so dear in my heart.

I WISH FOR YOU ALL A WONDERFUL AND PEACEFUL HOLIDAY. To have a life free from fear and pain, to be surrounded by love and compassion, and time living kindness to yourselves and others. If one thing this journey has slapped me in the face with; we are only here for a short time, impermanence is a guarantee for all of us at some point along the way. Those we love will not be here forever, so put down those phones and tablets and spend some good quality time with others. LOVE THEM AND HOLD THEM CLOSE. That’s all that matters. NOTHING ELSE just Love and Kindness. HUGS AND MISTLETOE KISSES TO ALL. xxoo


Back Down at Basecamp

It was a fast journey climbing through the death zone. Five weeks of radiation and TX, in addition to hyperthermia treatments done! Now I rest at basecamp with warm food, hot tea and sleep. I will allow my body to heal before going for the summit bid (surgery). No date set yet. Scans first which will happen in the next 4-5 weeks. I won’t lie, it was the toughest part of the climb so far physically and mentally. But this body is doing it and my mountaineering brain is trained to push through. #gratitude #loveandsupport #onestepatatime #fuckcancer #healingtime


Climbing Into The Death Zone

Well, it was a fairly easy climb up to Camp 10. A few hard days, but overall considering, the weather has been in our favor and I am still climbing.

Eleven days ago, I entered the death zone* after 3 weeks of much needed rest lower down at base camp, it felt more like a mental break and of course a little healing time for the body. I was able to build up and heal the good cells.

Climbing in the death zone, finishing week 2 of 5, I feel my body is missing the O’s. Weaker, nausea off and on, cramping, and oh soooo tired. That is to be expected when climbing at this altitude. I am not able to take my VitC support as they say it will interfere with the climbing success, so this has recently lead to sniffles and a cold. Again, to be expected when the body is run down. The sun’s radiation hasn’t created many side effects yet, though it does make for frequent bathroom breaks. I join the others outside of our tents in the cool, crisp, thin air and try to avoid joining the poopie pants club…one does not want to unload in their climbing suit. Also, I won’t be putting sunblock up my butt to prevent the burn later;) So here’s hoping for more shade up there!

At this point, it’s vital to stay hydrated, well nourished and rested when I’m not climbing on acclimatization days. I know the days ahead will be more challenging as the air gets thinner and the route gets steeper, so I still take on this climb one-step at a time. THANK YOU MY SHERPA SUPPORT TEAM! LOVE YOU xxoo


*When you continue climbing over 25,000ft/7,600 meters above sea level, this is called the death zone. No human / life can survive at this altitude for long due to the lack of oxygen. When you have oxygen deprivation you are vulnerable to altitude sickness, and it wears your body down. Essentially your body is beginning to die just being there.