Update from Camp 9

Sept 13th

Met with my guides yesterday, reviewing the photos taken last week of the climbing route ahead, not much has changed. I was hoping for a little more snowmelt and shrinkage, but I will take ‘stability’ over more hazards. The plan is to start up for another camp, yes camp 10. I will meet with my expedition leader on Monday to determine if we can go for the summit bid in a month or have to do more acclimatization and put up more fixed lines.

Yes, I observed my body with the news and was slightly disappointed. I thought my dance lesson (yes @camp;) after my meeting would move that through. I was not on my game and I felt blockage in my heart…My instructor & dear friend Unico Kizoukiero was so wonderful and after an hour BZouk, we jumped into Kizumba. A perfect dance style for going deep within. I was messing up my feet so he told me to close my eyes and ‘surrender’. Exactly what I needed. It worked like a charm!

It was my resistance to what is’ that was blocking me. We only suffer when we expect life to be a certain way and don’t accept it for what it is. Life is always right because it’s what’s happening.

*The three big lessons I am practicing on this journey;

  • Acceptance – Patience – Surrender (you can control only what you have control over).

Arrived at Camp 9

Aug 23rd

Beep..beep…dalabeep…arrived at camp 9 and resting. I met with the expedition leader…one more camp to climb up too and some photos will be taken. CT and MRI planned for next couple of weeks. After that, meeting with the surg and date will be set then. Let us see how much this alien bum baby shrunk!! Approx mid-October they say for cutting it out. Feeling pretty well, tired from the high altitude but that’s a given and nothing is stopping these dancing legs from LIVING LIFE! Big hugs to you all through the thick of the smoky smoke~ xoxo


Hello Social Media!

August 12th

A little update as some are asking and easier for me to post here;) ~ not much new other than…released a movie on CBC!…Health-wise; I am in week two leaving camp 8 getting ready for a rest week before heading up to camp 9. I know, how big is this fuckin mtn right?! Ill know more after my follow-up in two weeks when I chat with my oncolo doc. In the meantime, YES altitude takes its toll on the body with running at 70% energy, chemo brain fog, and lots of sleeping, however, the vit C IVs and hyperthermia are keeping the body cells and immunity up to par, which is giving me the opportunity to have quality time~ absolutely loving the fam and friend visits, dating dabble (thanks to the mistletoe in my IV bags maybe), and exercise with my BZouk dance lessons!! Keeps me moving forward and feeling normal. So much #gratitude for all of you and your loving support!! **FYI I’m learning the Instagram thing finally after all of these years, so bear’ (growl) with me awesome followers, as I hope to entertain and inspire through a new (to me)media channel~ TjacPerspective @Instagram and @Youtube and @Cancer Warriors @facebook xxoo

The German waterbed that’s saving my life.

July 26th

Pretty amazing, the first week in April when I started the hyperthermia treatments (Hyper/warm not Hypo/cold;) at the Pyatt Health Clinic in YYC, everything changed in my body. Bleeding of tumor stopped, pain went away, bowel movements got better, and sleep, oh the full nights sleep happened. Life changing!


How it works: I take my chemo pills 14 days on and 7 days off~ finishing up cycle 7 this week! With my ‘on’ chemo weeks, I do the Hyperthermia treatments. Take my pills an hour before, Tara sets up my pillow regime for comfort, then a round disc is placed over the tumor area. Phones turned off and metal objects removed from the body as radio type waves move into that area attracting energy in the body to create a fever like temp, which kills off the tumor cells and leaves the healthy cells alone. It also helps the chemo work better, targeting that area. While I lie there for the hour treatment, relaxed, I received my weekly dose of vitamin c and mistletoe kisses through IV.

I can’t imagine not doing this treatment, as the proof is in the scan pudding and the tumor is shrinking. In addition to my IV’s which I get 2x per week, even on break weeks to help keep my immune system strong. I skipped last weeks IVs and noticed a huge difference in my energy and more chemo symptoms. Won’t do that again!

The challenge with these treatments is the fact they are not standard cancer care and expensive. So that means a lot of people are not able to receive the alternative care they need to support the healing process. The key to surviving cancer is to keep the toxic levels down and immunity up.

Each IV dose is approx $200 plus, approx $400/week and hyper with IV runs about $495 per treatment, equalling $1000/week. Worth the investment in my life no doubt. One needs to be optimistic and clever with the budgeting and funds. My wish is that one day it becomes standard care or to have a subsidized program for cancer fighters.

VitC, Bs and Christmas juice (mistletoe)

So thank you to my supporters who have been helping me along the way~I’ve still got a couple months of treatments, chemo, and training the body for surgery aimed for end of Sept/October time. Then they are planning 3 more rounds of chemo after surgery to make sure all is out. I will continue my IVs then too, helping to support the body. Taking it one step at a time, though so excited to get back to work when healed…the first documentary is finished and airing this weekend! Against my docs orders not to work, I was determined to finish it and share it with the world. Now I rest and I will dabble in some light and fun writing to feed the creative soul~ hugs xox

Climb to Camp VII (7) Ama DaBum

July 17


It was a good rest week lower down in Kathmandu~water and green therapy at a lower elevation helps to heal the body. Meeting with my guides, there is no set date for the summit bid, but with the weather window it looks like; two more camps (with rest weeks in between), continued training and treatments, then a set of photos, a month off of the meds before heading to the summit September/October time frame.


As we make our way to camp VII, they have increased my altitude meds by 150mg. Don’t feel much different other than fatigue, usual and to be expected when the body is trying to survive at high altitudes. My alternative treatments help to keep my immune system rolling normal.
For now, I enjoy every day~one moment at a time, don’t sweat the small stuff and I am so grateful for the adventures with my family and friends over the past week, with more to come. The biggest thing I have observed is the beauty in nature, humans, and awesome opportunities we have at our fingertips. No matter the state of politics or our doom the media throws at us…life fuckin rocks!! What you see is what you get. Hugsxxoo